The severity of natural disasters significantly affect environment, causing extensive damage. The countries of Western Balkan are exposed to a variety of natural hazards including floods, droughts, forest fires, earthquakes, and landslides. The general situation in WB countries is inadequate professional qualification and technological disciplines for education of human resources, the lack of specialized personnel, insufficient training of professional staff, the lack or low level of local government bodies’ preparedness, and underdeveloped culture of prevention among citizens. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly strength the personnel competencies, followed by technical innovations and equipment, infrastructure, information and technological systems.
The main objective of this proposal is to educate experts for Natural Disasters Risk Management (NDRM) in WB partner countries (Serbia, Kosovo* and Bosnia and Herzegovina) through development and implementation of new master curricula in the field of NDRM and development of educational trainings for the public sector and citizens.

Besides day-by-day visible outcomes (reports, analyses, study visits, action plans, etc.), more   prominent outputs showing to what extent the project objectives are met will be:

- Developed/modernized master curricula and modules in WB partner HEIs, in accordance with the highest EU standards, followed by accreditation
- Contemporary equipped laboratories for studies in the field of NDRM
- Enrollment of students to the new master curricula offering mobility options for them and teaching staff
- Developed and conducted educational trainings for citizens and public sector in the field of NDRM.

Finally, since the background for the foreseen activities is in accordance with EU standards and the best practices it is expected that all partner universities will educate experts with adequate knowledge and competences, which will be able to employ in relevant institutions for NDRM.