Title Type Status Date of delivery
WP1 - Analysis of natural disasters needed to be managed in Western Balkan region
1.1 Identification of natural disasters to be managed in WB Report completed 14-03-2017
1.2 Introduction with established practices in EU countries for NDRM Report completed 14-03-2017
1.3 Workshop on master curricula best practices in EU countries Event
completed 14-05-2017
WP2 - Development of master curricula
2.1 Development of aims, specific competencies and learning outcomes of master curricula in WB HEIs Report completed 14-08-2017
2.2 Development of courses content and syllabi Service/Product completed 14-12-2017
2.3 Training of teaching staff for innovative teaching methods Event completed 14-12-2017
2.4 Providing of students' internships positions Report completed 14-10-2019
2.5 Harmonization of teaching environment with EU best practices and purchasing of laboratory equipment and literature Teaching material
Learning material
Training material
WP3 - Development of trainings for citizens and public sector
3.1 Surveillance of citizens’ and public sector awareness regarding natural disasters Report completed 14-04-2017
3.2 Study visits and analysis of courses best practices in EU countries Event
completed 14-12-2017
3.3 Development of trainings’ content corresponding educational materials and selection of teaching staff Training material completed 14-02-2018
WP4 - Implementation of developed master curricula and trainings
4.1 Defining of admission requirements and enrolment of students Report completed 14-04-2020
4.2 Implementation of master curricula Report completed 14-04-2020
4.3 Implementation of students’ internships Event
completed 14-04-2020
4.4 Implementation of trainings for citizens and public sector Report completed 14-09-2019
4.5 Self-evaluation of master curricula Report completed 14-04-2020
4.6 Self-evaluation of trainings for citizens and public sector Report completed 14-09-2019
WP5 - Quality assurance and monitoring
5.1 Regular Quality Assurance Committee meetings Event
completed 14-10-2019
5.2 Development of the quality control plan Report completed 14-01-2017
5.3 External evaluation of the project Report completed 14-05-2018
5.4 External financial control Report completed 14-04-2020
5.5 Inter-project coaching Event completed 14-05-2018
 WP6 - Dissemination   
6.1 Creation of the dissemination plan for the project Report completed 14-03-2017
6.2 Development and maintenance of project website and creation of promotional materials and campaigns Service/Product completed 14-04-2020
6.3 Promotional activity for student enrolment Event completed 14-10-2018
6.4 Promotional activity for trainings Event completed 14-10-2019
WP7- Exploitation
7.1 Creation of sustainability plan Report completed 14-03-2017
7.2 Accreditation of master curricula Report completed 14-10-2018
7.3 Realization of student and staff mobilities between WB and EU partners Report completed 14-04-2020
WP8 - Project management
8.1 Kick-off meeting Event completed 14-11-2016
8.2 Regular Steering Committee and Project Management meetings Event completed 14-10-2019
8.3 Development of guidelines on the project management and reporting Report completed 14-03-2017
8.4 Day-to-day coordination of project activities Report completed 14-04-2020
8.5 Submission of interim and final reports Report completed 14-04-2020