Outputs and outcomes

WP1 Analysis of natural disasters to be managed in Western Balkan region

1.1 Report on natural disasters in WB
1.2 Survey of established practices in EU countries for NDRM
1.3 Report on master curricula best practices in EU partners and Catalogue of competencies

WP2 Development of master curricula

2.1 Defined aims, specific competencies and learning outcomes of master curriculum per HEI in WB; Book of courses
2.2 Defined courses content and syllabi
2.3 Teaching staff trained
2.4 Agreements for internships signed
2.5 Laboratories equipped

WP3 Development of trainings for citizens and public sector

3.1 Survey of citizens’ and public sector awareness
3.2 Study visit reports
3.3 Trainings’ materials prepared, teachers selected

WP4 Implementation of developed master curricula and trainings

4.1 Students enrolled
4.2 Master curricula implemented
4.3 Students’ internships realized
4.4 Participants trained
4.5 Quality report on master curricula
4.6 Quality report on trainings

WP5 Quality assurance and monitoring

5.1 Minutes of the meetings
5.2 Quality control plan adopted
5.3 Report of the external quality evaluation
5.4 Report of the external auditor
5.5 Report on the inter-project coaching

WP6 Dissemination

6.1 Dissemination plan created
6.2 Promotion material created
6.3 Student enrolment promoted
6.4 Trainings promoted

WP7 Exploitation

7.1 Sustainability plan created
7.2 Master curricula accredited
7.3 Student and staff mobilities realized

WP8 Project management

8.1 Minutes of the meeting
8.2 Minutes of the meetings
8.3 Guidelines on the project management and reporting created
8.4 Project correspondence
8.5 Interim and final reports submitted