An experience at Middlesex Univesity London

During my a week-long stay at the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex University London I had wonderful experience meeting dynamic and cooperative research and academic professionals with great competencies reflected in their research activities. The scientific diversity and friendly community there gives the individual the best chance for producing quality work. I was informed also about the current activities of the Research Centre and discussed the challenges of chasing the funding for the project and the ideas that are generally facing academic researchers.  
During my stay at the Middlesex University London I have attended seminars and lectures at bachelor and master levels of studies that gave me the opportunity to have an insight on the lectures and the communication between the students and teachers at this University. I was enabled to visit University Campus guided by a student representative that showed us the conditions and opportunities that the University offers to its students. We have discussed the challenges and opportunities for Mobility Programs for students and staff among European universities with the Erasmus Program coordinator at the Middlesex University London and met a Serbian student at the beginning of her 6-months stay at University through an Erasmus Mobility program.
I would like to thank the Flood Hazard Research Centre for its hospitality during my visit and its members for their friendly interactions and help with practical issues, but special gratitude I own to Dr. Simon McCarthy for the warm welcome and for his personal effort that made our staying in London and at Middlesex University also enjoyable on a personal level.  
Ljiljana Jevremovic, University of Nis