London - Tamara Nikolic, Aleksa Dugonjivac

Student mobility that we got was Traineeship at Middlesex University, London. It lasted for 2 weeks, from 9th September to 20th September. At Middlesex University we were mentored by prof. Simon McCarthy.
As the topic we were studying was Development of master curricula for natural desasters risk menagement, we had the opportunity to visit Flood Hazard Research Centre. When we arrived, they introduced us to a topic we had been studying in the coming days. Through theoretical and practical learning, we have greatly increased our knowledge and capabilities in this field.
Also, what made a strong impression on us is the tour and sightseeing of the university itself. We were pleasantly surprised by the layout of the classrooms and the equipment we saw. This university gave us the impression that they put the student first, providing everything needed for learning and a pleasant stay.
A memorable part of our visit is also getting to know London. This magical city enriched our knowledge of local culture and introduced us to the way of life in England. Huge parks, famous London buildings, museums and beautiful weather at the time made our visit to this city unforgettable.
This program has improved our general knowledge and presented studying and learning to us from a new perspective. This is one experience more for us, something that will greatly improve our CV and position in the pursuit of further goals. Most importantly, we developed both personally and professionally from this international experience.

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